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omas Spellman Sensei
  10th Degree Black Belt - Hanshi
  Head Instructor of the Ukinju-Ryu Budo Family Martial Traditions
  Kenpo International Hall Of Fame Charter Member 
President of the Daimon-Ryu Budokai Martial Arts Association and it's Yudansha Society.     (Pictured above with his wife and senior Black Belt Anna Spellman 7th Dan ) 

Organization Overvie
The Ukinjukai Dojo in Ashland, Oregon acts as the official Hombu dojo for the Ukinju-Ryu Family Martial Traditions or Ukinju-Ryu Budo and home for it's head instructor and association president, Thomas C. Spellman, Hanshi. The Dojo name of Ukinjukai was offically changed from the previous name of Okumakan to reflect it's intention of honoring Grandmaster Thomas M. White and his teachings handed down over the decades to Spellman Sensei through their close association, treasured friendship and White Sensei's mentorship towards Spellman Sensei until White Sensei's passing on May 30, 2012. This change is dated as December 3, 2012 and corresponds to the first year aniversary of the promotion of Spellman Sensei to 9th Degree Black Belt in the SanDoKai Karate-Do system (the highest Dan ranking in SanDoKai Karate-Do ever bestowed by Soke White) and the accompanying commissions contained witnin the rank certificate signed by Soke White. In keeping with this evolving process, phase two is dated December 3rd, 2013 and recognizes the renaming of the family tradition taught by Spellman Sensei from Okuma-Ha to Ukinju-Ryu further continuing the commission to White Sensei from Grandmaster Shimabukuro upon his leaving Okinawa in the mid sixties to plant the seed he had received on his return home, the seed of Ukinju (Receiving Water). Henceforth, the three divisions of practice taught will be: Ukinju-Ryu Kenpo Karate, Ukinju-Ryu Karate-Do, and Ukinju-Ryu JuJitsu and known under the reorganized collective title as Ukinju-Ryu Budo dated January 1, 2015. Associate members, clubs, and dojos can currently be found training in four western states including Hawaii and in Shanghai, China and may be contacted by e-mail through this web-page or at daimonryubudokai@yahoo.com. The Ukinjukai Dojo is a non-commercial, private, invitation only dojo dedicated to the pursuit of the unification of the mind, body and spirit through the forging of the sacred triad of the will, the physical and spiritual selves on the anvil of disciplined, sincere, and focused martial arts practice.
The Ukinjukai Dojo also acts as the headquarters for the Daimon-Ryu Budokai Yudansha Society, a Black Belt registry of Daimon-Ryu Budokai Black Belt certificate holders represented by Okuma-ha/ Ukinju-Ryu members and various affiliated yudansha in the Daimon-Ryu Budokai family of martial artists( see Yudansha Page 5-6 for details).  Inquiries may be made through contacting Spellman Sensei by E-mail : daimonryubudokai@Yahoo.com.
"Traditional training meeting contemporary needs."

    Description:1) Ukinju-Ryu Kenpo Karate: an art that spans eight hundred years of evolution starting with the First Grand Master Zenko Yoshida in Eleventh Century Japan. This art, by tradition, was centered around the Mt. Kinkai temple, founded by the Urabe (later Yoshida) family. This Temple would come to host Chinese monks who in turn brought their fighting arts and shared them with their hosts. These Chinese influences are apparent in the various techniques it has in its Kenpo arsenal to this day. The 21st Great Grandmaster Masayoshi (James)Mitose brought the art to Hawaii in 1937 and since then it has taken various forms throughout the years in coming to the U.S. mainland with Grandmaster Edmund Parker( father of American Kenpo Karate) and continuing with the Tracy System of Traditional Kenpo Karate graciously imparted to Spellman Sensei, with his humble gratitude, by Grandmaster Instructor Robert A. Leonard, 10th Dan and in turn, his instructor Senior Grandmaster Al Tracy. Sensei Spellman holds a 10th Degree Black Belt Certificate in the Tracy System of Traditional Kenpo Karate which was presented to him in Ashland, Oregon during a visit by Senior Grandmaster Al Tracy and his son, Master Instructor (Now Grand Master) Mark Tracy dated August 19, 2016 in conjunction with a recommendation by Grandmaster Robert Leonard, Sensei Spellman's personal teacher and mentor. The main theme of this art is its self-defense technology taught through the over six hundred technique syllabus and their numerous variations plus its Twentieth Century created Kenpo Karate Katas coupled with several traditional Chinese empty hand and weapons forms that comprise the art. Ukinju-Ryu Kenpo Karate is the mind of the Ukinju-Ryu family martial traditions.

2) Ukinju-Ryu
Karate: this branch of the Ukinju-Ryu family is based on the Ukinju-kan forms of Soke Thomas M. White's Style of Karate developed from Okinawan Shobayashi Shorin-Ryu Grandmaster Eizo Shimabukuro of the Rendokan and further influenced by Ohshima Sensei and his SKA  Shotokan Karate-Do teachings stateside. Spellman Sensei is deeply indebted to his chief mentor in these arts to Ukinju-kan and San Do Kai Karate-Do Founder Grandmaster 10th Degree Black Belt Thomas White for showing him the WAY.  Sensei White  graciously bestowed the title of HANSHI (April 17, 2010) to Sensei Spellman under the San Do Kai Karate-Do tradition and promoted him to the rank of 9th Dan Black Belt in San Do Kai Karate-Do dated December 3rd, 2011. Ukinju-Ryu Karate-Do is the heart of the Ukinju-Ryu family martial traditions.

3)Ukinju-Ryu JuJitsu- Common to both of these lineages are grappling arts (Tori-Te) that in some cases have been lost or set aside in their present day teaching. Coupled with the throwing and locking techniques of Traditional Kodokan Judo taught to me by Akira Matsuoka Sensei and the Toyota-Ha Jujitsu of Spellman Sensei’s father, Thomas L. Spellman, comprise the third portion of the Ukinju-Ryu family martial arts trinity. Ukinju-Ryu Jujitsu is the seed of the Ukinju-Ryu family martial traditions.

4) An additional prominent influence on Spellman Sensei in the realm of combat technologies was Grandmaster Jerry Smith, co-founder of the Black Karate Federation and Grandmaster of his own martial arts style the Five level System of Shorin Ju Kenpo. During the period of 1969 through the early 1970’s GM Smith, GM White and Spellman Sensei were located at the Tracy’s Kenpo studio of Master Robert Leonard in Long Beach, California and it was there GM Smith taught Spellman Sensei the intricacies of GM Joe Lewis’s Fighting System and the Matsumura Seito style of Shorin-Ryu Karate handed down by Okinawan Master Jun Kina, as well as Smith Sensei’s versions of Kenpo that later became the fundamental base of his Shorin Ju Kenpo/ Five Level System. Spellman Sensei is indebted to GM Smith for his instruction and guidance during this formative period in combat strategies and principles.During the weekend of May 1-4th of 2014 Spellman Sensei had the privilege of reuniting with both of his remaining living teachers, GM Leonard and GM Smith, following a 40 year period of separation. During this momentous visit Soke Jerry Smith extended an unexpectedly high honor to Sensei Spellman by bestowing the title 'Senior Grand Master' in his Five Level System/ Shorin Ju Kenpo and the rank of 10th degree Black belt under Soke Smith dated May 3rd, 2014 .  With rank comes responsibility and Sensei Spellman can't express enough heartfelt thanks to GM Smith for his trust and belief in Spellman sensei evidenced in the mantle he has placed on sensei' shoulders and will continue to strive to live up to this great honor.

Instruction offered:
The Ukinjukai Dojo offers private and group class instruction in various martial arts including Traditional Kenpo Karate, Japanese/Okinawan Karate-Do and Kobudo (weapons) practice.
Ukinju-Ryu Kenpo Karate training is also available at the Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon Campus' of Rogue Community College where Spellman Sensei also teaches.

Contact Info : E-mail at daimonryubudokai@yahoo.com

Daimon-Ryu Budokai Martial Arts Association Affiliated Organizations:

 San Do Kai Karate Do- Grandmaster Thomas M. White, 10th Degree Black Belt 
Headmaster/Founder. The San Do Kai is headquartered in Long Beach, California.

  Sanmon-Ho Kenpo Karate 
- James .Y Tong Jr., 9th Degree Black Belt Headmaster/Founder. Sanmon Kenpo Karate is headquartered in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Munen-Ryu Budokai - Darrell Goen Headmaster, 8th Degree Black Belt. The Munen-Ryu Budokai is headquartered at Elite Martial Arts, Inc.  Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Registered Ukinju-Ryu Budo Dojos:

Daimon-Ryu Budokai Martial Arts Association Headquarters / Ukinjukai Hombu Dojo - Thomas Spellman Judan (10th Dan, Hanshi) Ukinju-Ryu Budo Head Instructor. The Hombu dojo is located in Ashland, Oregon.

Daimon-Ryu Budokai Martial Arts Association / Akatsuki Dojo - Nathan Lake Godan(5th degree Black Belt Ukinju-Ryu Karate-Do ) Dojo Head Instructor. The Akatsuki Dojo is located in Woodland, California

Daimon-Ryu Budokai Martial Arts Association / Martial Arts of Medford Life Enrichment Center-Kiiro No Chou Dojo - Nathan Lake (Godan (5th degree Black Belt Ukinju-Ryu Karate-Do) Dojo Head Instructor. The dojo is located in Central Point, Oregon.
Daimon-Ryu Budokai Yudansha Society Mon 
Ukinju-Ryu Budo 
Ukinju-Ryu Karate-Do (Ukinjukan/SanDoKai/ Ukinju-Ryu Karate-Do Lineage)

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