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Daimon-Ryu Budokai Martials Arts Association

Teaching and spirituality resource division

In the ancient past, the art of karate was often intertwined with the Chinese Classics of Confucius, Mencius and the I-Ch’ing espousing family values, social consciousness, responsibility, and the uplifting of society in general. In recent time’s luminaries such as Joseph Campbell’s writings on the Hero character actualizing himself by sharing the spoils of his trials with his society rather than hording them for him alone echoes the importance of ‘paying it forward’ and community. The exhilaration of sinew and bone on the dojo floor, forging a strong physical vehicle for the will to pilot might turn to vanity but for these important considerations. Consequently, the Daimon-Ryu Budokai Martial Arts Association will strive to suggest and supply resources to assist the seeker in his or her quest towards self-awareness and mastery. This approach of spiritual, social, moral and ethical study coupled with committed, sincere training and the tempering of one’s personal discipline will strive to produce a balanced, actualized human being of high character and values for the 21st century.


Section 1:

Martial arts reference library including master’s biographies, submitted articles by DMRB members and affiliates, recommended books, published works, periodicals, and informative, reliable  web-site recommendations. This library would also include relevant historical, cultural, psychological, and sociological content.


Section 2:

Spiritual research co-operative

1.      Eclectic spiritual collective- A group of knowledge, teachings, practices and philosophies drawn from a diverse spiritual and mind science sources other than, but not excluding recognized mainline Christian teachings.

2.      Christian ‘Spiritual Warrior’ forum - A non-denominational Christian/ martial arts focused exploration co-operative. This section's contributors would be composed of lay persons, ministry professionals, recommended text and cited published works. The forum would facilitate the exchange of resources, strategies, and teaching aids in the relevant sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ in conjunction with teaching the traditional oriental based martial arts.


This division exists as an ongoing project of archived articles, lists, cited sources, various web pages and will also include chosen submissions from the Yudansha members and qualified individuals in relevant fields of study.  The submissions for publication should be titled, concise and to the point, and edited to conserve space whenever possible.  Please submit your proposed articles to daimonryubudokai@yahoo.com.


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